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As one of roofing companies in Wood Dale, IL we are proud to offer a vast array of roofing needs. That includes repair, replacement, installation, service, and inspection. We guarantee that all the services are performed by highly experienced roofers. We provide our roofing services at extremely affordable rates, making them accessible to all. If you are wondering what makes our roofing company so reliable, you need look no further than our scores of satisfied customers. Our professional services, dependable roofers, high quality equipment,  materials and much more keep us at the top of the list. Contact us today for your free quote or with any questions about our roofing services.

Your roof is exposed to a lot of crazy weather. While all roofs are meant to last for many years, none will last forever. Ensure a longer lasting roof with our high quality services as well as excellent materials that have a warranty! If your shingle break down while under warranty, we will happily fix it! Additionally, we can provide roofing services for a wide variety of roofing types. Including shingle, flat, metal, slate, wood shake, and more. Our roofers are incredibly friendly, professional and reliable. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. See for yourself why many customers entrusted us their projects.

Roofing contractors offering wide range of services for your roof

At Eco Roofing, our roofing contractors in Wood Dale, IL do work on both residential and commercial properties. While many people don’t know the difference, there’s actually a lot to differentiate the two. The main difference is size. Commercial roofing includes buildings like warehouses and factories, which are much larger than a family home. Our roofing contractors in Wood Dale also use more flat roofing in commercial jobs, since there is a greater need for roof access than in a residential scenario.

There’s a big difference in the kinds of materials our roofing contractors in Wood Dale, IL use, as well, depending upon whether it’s a residential or commercial project. In a commercial job, we’re probably going to opt for metal, asphalt, or rubber while residential roofing more commonly calls for shingle or shake roofing. Again, the reason is roof access. For both residential and commercial projects, Eco Roofing Contractors in Wood Dale, IL are the number one choice!

With our experts you get uncommon customer service. Contact us to get assistance with your roofing project & free estimate now!


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